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VetStories Exhibition

Our two-year VetStories project comes to a beautiful conclusion with an art exhibition in our Main and TA Loving Galleries!

The goal of The VetStories Project is to produce an original stage production and companion art show based upon the lives and stories of local Veterans, written by students under the direction and mentoring of professional artists, writers and teachers.  Memoirs will be converted into poems, the poems into songs, the songs into dances, and the entire story line into a stage production to be performed at venues throughout Wayne County. Ticket prices will be subsidized for high-risk youth, developmentally disabled individuals, and Veterans.

The VetStories Project will take place in Wayne County, NC, with a primary focus on students attending schools in Goldsboro connecting with military personnel retired from or currently serving at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. The focus of the project is to help bridge the gap between Base and community through an inter-generational, cross-curricular artistic endeavor. Through partnerships with the Wayne County Public Schools, Wayne Community College, Wayne County Public Libraries, Goldsboro Elks, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, and our active community of artists, we plan to use the arts to teach students about the history of military conflicts, the personal experiences and sacrifices of military personnel, and the importance of community support for our military families. By presenting facts in a series of creative formats, and addressing the subjects of history, language arts, and political science through the visual and performing arts, we will be addressing the learning styles of multiple-intelligence students. In addition to traditional learners who understand lessons read from a text book, participation in VetStories will give visual learners and auditory learners the opportunity to grasp the vast scope of what it truly means to serve your country ion a format they can best comprehend.


Event starts: Friday 02 November 2018
Event ends: Friday 30 November 2018