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04 May 2018
First Friday / Exhibit Openings
02 Nov 2018
VetStories Exhibition

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Especially For Military Personnel

The ACWC is located just five miles from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and proudly serves military members and their families.  With a variety of classes, events, and exhibits, there is always something going on in our facility. 

Over the years, the organization has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with SJAFB personnel and families.  Because ACWC staff members are either military spouses or retired military, they understand the opportunities, struggles, and demands of military life. 

SJAFB Youth Center Art Club  - Since 2007, the ACWC has been providing art education programs for the Youth Center.  Twice monthly, children take part in an art project and learn about artists, artistic styles, and other interesting information. 

Month of the Military Child Festival - The ACWC takes part in this annual Youth Center Festival. 

Miltary Exhibits:

The organization strives to educate and enrich the lives of the citizens of our community by providing events and exhibits that reflect the miltiary lifestyle and experiences.  The ACWC has provided many programs over the years and here are a couple we've hosted most recently -

A Thousand Words- In January and February 2014, the organization hosted an exhibit of photographer taken by soldiers while serving their tours in Vietnam.  This exhibit also featured narrative of the Veterans about their photographs.  Developed and curated by photographer, Martin Tucker, A Thousand Words has travelled around the country. 

 "Muddy Grunt"

A Country, A People - In 2010, the ACWC was awarded over $10,000 in grants from the NC Arts Council and the NC Humanities Council to curate and display an exhibit of military personnel's personal photos taken during their time serving in Afghanistan.  The exhibit, which opened on January 19, 2011 featured over 200 photographs.  Additionally, the exhibit was supported by the Wayne County Reads Program and featured military panel discussions, a presentation by then US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Karl Eickenberry, and academic lectures about the history and culture of the country. 

Sarah Merritt, ACWC Executive Director, conceived of the exhibit while her husband, Jeff, was serving in Afghanistan.  One of his co-workers was a talented photographer and Jeff would send her photographs of landscapes, military prsonnel, and the Afghan people. 

If you have an idea of an exhibit that highlights the work of the men and women of the armed forces, we'd love to hear it.